Turn On the Bright Lights


You don’t need the things that make you sad.

You don’t need the kind of love that prefers,

You to remain patiently on your knees.

You need to stop making a tired stranger,

Of the person you see in the mirror.

Stop saying sorry.  Stop saying please.

You’re just a spirit trying to be human.

Another lost one waiting to be found.

You are not alone in this, my darling.

Take a long, quiet look around.

This is how we are fading.

This is how we are undone.

We long for light in the darkness,

For blessed night in the Sun.

This is how we get left behind.

This is how we are undone.

The world doesn’t need to defeat us,

Only make us believe we’ll never win.

Stand up every time you get knocked down.

Or lie back and flash your incorrigible grin.

You are worth more than you think.

Far more beautiful than you believe.

You bring the greatest love around you,

There is nothing you cannot achieve.

Now is the time to believe in yourself.

Now is the time to finally learn.

There is no need to circle the fires,

The only thing they know is how to burn.

Learn to love yourself more than they do,

They who were never meant to be yours.

Love comes to those who dive into the deepest waters,

Never to those trapped on the shores.

You are the only true friend you have.

You are everything you will ever need.

You are going to be a mighty oak one day.

But you need to enjoy being a little seed.

Don’t let the world distract you.

While waiting for the miracle to come.

Stay away from those that make you doubt you.

Their doubt is deadlier than any gun.

Stay away from the work that’s beneath you.

Walk away from the lover that doesn’t understand.

They could walk the entire planet and not find,

Anyone to love them as you can.

In the quiet of the shadows,

In the corner of your room.

Build a temple to your own happiness.

Banish this unwelcome gloom.

You will shine again I swear it.

You will make it out of the cold.

You are your own savior, warrior.

You are the wonder that was foretold.

You are your own perfect piece of God.

A treasure for those with the wisdom to hold.

Walk away from this darkness now.

Return to yourself, and be whole.

Turn on the Bright Lights now.

The Bright Lights in your Sufi Soul.

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